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Dear Parents,

Spiritual perception is a must in this age of materialism. Knowledge without wisdom can lead to the destructive path.

The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with as to rending accuracy.

Floewnce Scovel Shinn, a trail of develoipments marks the significant changesthat place over the years in shaping up the school to its present status.

Education plays a vitial role in the development of human potentials. Every school develops its system of education to meet the challanging times. In our situation the developing education system must build upon the gains of the past and present for a better future of our people and indeed of mankind.

It is possible to reach all our people with the benifits of our economic and technical developments through a well planned and will implemented system of education, At this pointis our history, it is socio-politically imperative to help them realise their growing aspirations.

Life in coming decades is likely to bring us both challenges and opportunites. Coming generations mujst be well prepared the face the challanges and take advantages of the opportunities that come over their way. They must develop the ability to think and apply new adeas constantly and creatively. Their actions should be guided by a strong commitment to human values and social justice. The way to achive this is better education.

We at SGRS International School believe that childern are a gift of God to mankind and we should strive to make them potentially the right of the world.

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